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Silk Square Head Scarf

Square scarf washing instructions: 

-Wash the scarf in warm water with a mild soap.

-Rinse it off and spin it in the water to remove excess water.

-Lay it out on a towel to dry.

-Do not put it in the dryer.

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Silk Square Head Scarf Silk Square Head Scarf Silk Square Head Scarf Silk Square Head Scarf

Product Information

Diecai Silk

Product Descriptions 


Small Square Neck Scarves


Small Square Neck Scarves are also known as French Knot Scarves because of the familiar knot design. The scarf can be made in any length and can be used for a variety of occasions such as a winter hat, a headband, or even a blanket. They can also be easily personalized with different colors and designs.A Small Square Neck Scarves is an accessory that can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. It is also versatile enough to be worn during any season. This scarf can be tied in a variety of ways, making it the perfect accessory for any outfit.


Wearing precautions:Wearing a square neck scarf can help prevent skin irritation and the development of sunburns. Scarves should be made from a light-weight fabric, which will not make your neck sweat. Avoid wearing a scarf around your hair, as it can create knots and tangles. Finally, always apply sunscreen before heading outdoors and wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your scalp from the sun's rays.


Uses: 1.There are many different ways to use a small square neck scarf. 

2.You can wrap it around your neck like a collar, or tie it loosely around your waist or neck. 

3.You can use it as a headband, to cover the ears when the weather is cold, or to keep your hair out of your face during hot weather. 

4.It's also great for covering up blemishes or scars. 


Silk Square Head Scarf


How about a silk square scarf to keep you warm this winter? This versatile accessory can be worn in so many ways and is perfect for any outfit. It's also a great way to show off your personal style.


The Silk Square Head Scarf is a beautiful and versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with just about anything. Whether you're going for a casual outing or a more formal event, this scarf will make a great addition to your wardrobe. The silk fabric is high quality and will keep you warm throughout the winter months.


Silk Square Head Scarf is a type of scarf that is made from silk cloth that is square-shaped with head covering. It has a deep v-shape on one side and is designed to cover the head, neck and ears. It can be worn around the neck as a scarf or wrapped around the head like a turban. The scarf is made from silk and has a lustrous finish.


Large Square Head Scarf


With a large square head scarf, you'll keep your head warm and covered in style. This scarf features a colorful design on a soft, warm fabric. It's perfect for adding some personality to your winter wardrobe and making sure that you stay cozy all day long.


This large square head scarf is made from a soft, warm, and comfortable fabric. The scarf is large enough to cover your entire head, and it can be easily adjusted to fit any size head. The scarf is also reversible, so you can wear it the opposite way if you want. This scarf is perfect for keeping you warm in the cold weather.


Choosing the right large square head scarf can be overwhelming. There are so many great options to choose from! The following guide will help you choose the perfect scarf for your winter style. 


First, decide what type of large square head scarf you want. There are a few different varieties to choose from, including knit scarves, crochet scarves, and faux fur scarves. Next, consider the size.


Large Silk Square Head Scarf Manufacturer/Supplier/Factory - Diecai Silk


Diecai Silk  is a large silk square head scarf manufacturer supplier factory. With advanced weaving machines and experienced workers, we can produce high quality silk square head scarves. All our products are with good quality and competitive prices. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for more information.


They have a wide range of products, including silk square head scarves, silk fabric, and other silk products. Diecai Silk offers high quality silk products at affordable prices. Their products are made with the finest silk thread and materials, so you can be sure that your scarf will be of the highest quality.



Product Details

Diecai Silk
1: Size                                             200*65cm                                                                                        
2: Fabric /Material  Modal Cashmere Blend
3: Price $10-15
4: MOQ 30 pcs/color custom; 5 pcs/color wholesale
5: Delivery Time 25-30 days 
6: Finishing Way Machine hem
7: Delivery  DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT
8: Label  Can sewn Custom Logo Label 


About Our Company

Diecai Silk

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1 What's the material of this product?

We use 100% mulberry silk with best grade 6A.


What is your MOQ?

50 pcs/color or design


3 Do you accept ODM or OEM?

Yes, we accept both.


4 Can I have my own private label and package?

Sure. We offer customized service, not only the tags and logo, but also the design and packing can as you request.


5 What is your approximate turnaround time for production?

① stock samples ----we will send you the samples immediately

sample for your design ---- 5-10 working days

mass production ----10-45 working days according to the order quantity


6 Payment term?
A: We accept TT and Paypal. 30% deposit and 70% be paid before shipment.


7 How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

We usually ship by Express such as Fedex, DHL, UPS or TNT. It usually takes 3-7 days to arrive.

If the order quantity is big, we would sugest to ship by air.


8 If quality problems happen, what should I do?

Just email us or contact us about your problems. We will for sure take our responsibility to the goods like refund or something else, don’t worry about this as we have best customer service.