What are the cleaning steps for silk scarves

January 13, 2022

What is the role of Silk Scarf? The more unique the scenery on Silk Scarf, the more fashionable, the more comfortable and the more popular it is. Therefore, in the trend of emphasizing the development of personality, Silk Scarf plays an important role. Especially in recent years, there has been a breakthrough in the way of wearing Silk Scarf.

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What are the cleaning steps for silk scarves


1. Neutral detergents must be used for hand washing detergents. Dissolve the detergents in clean water at 30 degrees Celsius, and then clean in the water temperature.

silk scarves

2. Fold the silk scarves neatly, put the silk scarves into the water after pinching the fold, and shake it in the water to remove the dust on the surface. After spreading out the silk scarves, shake them in water to remove the stains. Finally, fold the silk scarves into one-eighth size and wring it out lightly. In the same way, wash twice. After washing the silk scarves, put them in water and soak them in a few drops of vinegar to keep the color bright.


3. Absorb the moisture of silk scarves. The specific method is as follows: spread the silk scarves on a towel, and then roll the towel into a cylindrical shape to slowly absorb the moisture of the silk scarves.


4. Dry silk scarves. Spread out the silk scarves that have been soaked up with a towel, and place them in a dark place indoors to dry in the shade.


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