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July 22, 2022


Silk Scarf/Silk Fabrics
Hangzhou Diecai Silk
Manufacturer in China

Best Silk Raw Material:From A grade to 6A grade, which stands for the quality of silk material, 6A is the best silk grade that means the best long cocoon fibers. Our silk products are all made of 6A grade silk material.


Experienced workers with strict product quality control:All of our workers can deal with silk fabric skillfully and we have professional QC team inspecting every step carefully.


Instant after-sale service:We are always dedicating to provide our customers with the best service. Customer satisfaction is our final goat to achieve. If you have any query after receiving our goods, just feel free to contact us, We are always at your convenience.


Custom design service is provided and each product can be requested as to our customers requirements.



Hangzhou Diecai Silk




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For custom silk scarf, the only thing you need to provide is your design. Choosen from various 100% silk fabric, your designs could be printed onto silk fabric perfectUy.


The key points for silk scarf includes the followings:


-Silk Fabric


-Printing Way

-Hemming Way




Square Silk Scar

Square Silk Scar


                 Washing precautions: 

                 -Wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water.

                 -Rinse it twice with cold water.

                 -Do not use fabric softener.

                 -Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.


Oblong Silk Scarf


The Oblong Silk Scarf is a beautiful and stylish way to keep you warm on chilly days.The scarf is made of 100% silk, which makes it soft and luxurious to the touch.

Oblong Silk Scarf
Silk Twilly

Silk Twilly


Silk twilly is a type of fabric made from silk thread woven in a twill pattern. Silk twilly is often used for clothing and accessories, such as scarves, hats, and dresses.





Custom Size & Digital Printing




The scarf size can be customized as to customer's needs:


common size for square scarf: 65cm*65cm, 90cm*90cm+ 110cm*110cm;

common size for oblong scarf:53cm*180cmJ 65cm*180cmJ 65cm*200cm;

common size for twilly scarf: 5cm*90cm, 8cm*100cmJ 10cm*120cm.


Printing your own designs onto silk fabric. With HOMER HM1800- K8 printing machine, your designs can be presented onto fabric fast, stable, and perfectly. ALL of our printing ink is harmless and eco-friendly which is certificated by 1NTERTEK.




Silk Fabrics Printing Way


Scarf Size



Printing Way


Accept customization

• Single Digital Printing

• Double Digital 




Two Hemming Way



Machine Hem(Fast & Economical)   Hand Rolled

Machine Hem(Fast & Economical)



Hand Rolled



Hand rolled is usually used for high-level silk scarf.

Our workers will roll the scarf hem and stitch together step by step,

3 needles at least for every 2 centimeters.

500 needles at least for one 90cm*90cm scarf


•We have our own professional team members from designing, cutting, stitching, ironing and checking & packing,

•Each step will be checked strictfy before going to the next one.

•Silk fabric is very soft so the requirements for workers is very high.

•All of our workers have been in this working line for many years.




Uses of silk scarves



Decoration headwrap







Shawl Belt Tie










Silk fabric for making scarves



Material: 100% mulberry silk

Fabric Width: 92cm, 114cm, 140cm

Most Popular: silk satin & silk twill



silk satin Silk Twill silk chiffon

Silk Satin

Silk Twill 

Silk Chiffon

smooth & shinny;12mm/14mm/16mm

twill weaving construction;12mm/14mm/16mni

light & soft;6mm/8mm/10mm




Silk Habotai Silk CDC  

Silk Habotai

Silk CDC


light but not transparent;8mm/10mm/15mm

good drop feeling;12mm/14mm/1



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    China Diecai Silk is a professional silk scarf supplier, Silk Eye Mask manufacturer, as well as Silk Pillowcase, silk scrunchie, Silk Hairbands, and other silk products. Welcome customers and friends to contact us for cooperation.

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